Monday, October 10, 2011

Recent bikes, chainrings, and tires

Hi everyone,
It's been awhile. I've had my head down and building a ton of stuff. I've also started getting chainrings in house. I am getting everything sorted and shipped as quickly as I can. I am packing a big bunch today that will be going out tomorrow. I am expecting a second big run to arrive Wednesday from the vendor. The ones I'll be shipping this week at 110 and 130 bcd. He sent the Campy rings to the anodizer and we are hoping to get the back very soon. Thank you all for your patience. We had some kinks in this first run, but it's getting smoother now. Also, the FMB Super Muds are starting to trickle in too. Francois had some delays in the tread delivery on his end. I'll ship those as soon as I get them.

Here are a few bikes that recently arrived from paint.

Cross bike for Dave B. More here.

Cross bike for Trent. More here.

Cross bike for Ian. More here.

Cross frameset for Kevin. More here.

Cross frameset for Oliver. More here.

Thanks a million, fellas!


Craig Thrall said...

Nice bikes Mike! Hope all is well. -Craig

Dan O said...

Wow - fantastic looking bikes. Killer nice stuff. Great job.

zank said...

Craig, Dan, many thanks!