Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movin' on up...

I truly believe things happen for a reason. Faith, religion, call it what you will. But it took an act of God to push my landlord to make a move. Well, not quite an act of God. More like "It took God making the roof leak for us to start looking for a new place". Most of you know that I have been sharing space with Toby at Hot Tubes for the past five years. The old shop on Webster St in Worcester had its "charm" in an old building kind of way. Well, after 17 years, Toby decided it was time for a change. Say good bye "old-world-charm" and say hello to a modern manufacturing facility. And for all of you who visited the old shop, rest well knowinig that we now have incredibly well-kept bathrooms!

Here are some pictures of the space. We are now in Shirley, MA at Phoenix Park, an office and manufacturing park just off of Rt 2. The space has just been renovated. We now have beautiful brick walls and a nice diamond plate steel floor. We started our move a couple of weeks ago and things are coming along nicely. Toby just bought a new paint booth and we will be installing it this week. The electrician is wiring us up for 220V this week and with that we will also get our air compressor running. So air and power by the end of the week! I anticipate being back at my bench next week building frames again. The new space has really inspired me to design a great work station that will be ultra-efficient. I can't wait to get going!

The outside of the building is very nice brick. And it has 2 large bay doors with tons of parking.
Our new entry brings you into the center of the room. The frame building area and alignment table will be the the left of the door from this angle. The back corner to the right will be where we place the bead-blaster and paint-prep area.

The frame building area will be on the right near the windows and lots of natural light. We are going to build an office on the left side of this wall.

The new paint booth will be in the center of this wall. The lathe and Bridgeport will be to the right of the booth.

Our first trailorload of stuff arrives!

I will post more photos as we go. But more importantly, I will begin posting more updates on customer bikes as I get up and going again next week. Till then, happy riding. And thanks for reading!