Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cross and MAX

Cyclocross is right around the corner and I've been working on Max bikes this week. Two of my favorite things! For those that ordered FMB tubulars, the first part of the shipment arrived. Francois finished up the Gripo XLs, Grifos, SSCs, and SSC Sprints. He's still waiting on the new SSC Super Mud tread bands from his supplier. He said that he will get them done as soon as he has bands. I'll start getting these out to you all ASAP.

I did a bunch of work prepping material for the MAX bikes. Lots of cutting, grinding, and filing ahead of me this weekend.

No fenders on these bikes.

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Amendment Arms said...

Just rediscovered your blog and I'm enjoying going back through old posts. Quick question on the bb pic. Why did you put cuts on top of the cs sockets? Is it to help with feeding the braze?