Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cross and MAX

Cyclocross is right around the corner and I've been working on Max bikes this week. Two of my favorite things! For those that ordered FMB tubulars, the first part of the shipment arrived. Francois finished up the Gripo XLs, Grifos, SSCs, and SSC Sprints. He's still waiting on the new SSC Super Mud tread bands from his supplier. He said that he will get them done as soon as he has bands. I'll start getting these out to you all ASAP.

I did a bunch of work prepping material for the MAX bikes. Lots of cutting, grinding, and filing ahead of me this weekend.

No fenders on these bikes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A tale of three brakes (and bikes)

James wanted a bike that would feel great on the road, rock the dirt roads, and keep him dry during the spring melt. He also wanted simplicity. Shimano BR-650. Room for a Michelin Jet or 25s with Honjo 35 mm fenders.

Lyen wanted a bike that would spend a lot of time on dry fire roads with big tires, keep the mud off of him with slightly smaller tires on wet dirt road days, and would still feel great in a paceline. Pauls Racer. Room for something massive without fenders and easily 30s with Honjo 43 mm fenders.

Justin wanted a bike that he could mount up some 23s on for some fast road riding on up to some fat knobbies if he was in the mood for some trails. Pauls Medium Racer. Tons of room and good looks. 

Gentlemen, thank you very much to each of you for the opportunity to build these bikes!