Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FMB Tubulars

I am very excited to have FMB Tubulars available soon for sale in North America. My first shipment coming in will include 10 of the SSC Cyclocross Tubular in 34 mm width, which will be available for $110 each plus shipping and/or MA sales tax. I will also be bringing in SSC Sprints, SP SSCs and SP SSC Sprints in this shipment, but they are already pre-sold. I will be able to take pictures of these tubulars before they ship though.

My next shipment will include SSCs in 32 and 34 and SSC Sprints in 32 and 34. I will likely bring in at least 10 of each. If you are interested in a special order item such as SP, PRO, or road tubulars, please contact me through my website, All special order items will be pay in advance through PayPal.

I will put up more information regarding the different tubulars, information on FMB, pricing and pictures when the first shipment arrives late next week. Until then, if you are interested in the 10 SSC 34s I will have in stock, please get in touch with me.

No tubular may be returned that has been glued.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blast from the past.

Whoa! Has it been that long? A pal forwarded this link to me. Collegiate cycling rules almost as much as cross rules.

A bit of trivia. The blue and white bike shown in the article was one of the first two bikes I actaully painted. The other was painted the same, but built for my future (and current) wife. Her bike has been retired for something new and fresh, but her first one is still built up with the original parts. Mine was sacrificed to the R&D gods when I cut it apart 5 years after it was built. Much to my happiness and dismay, it looked just fine inside. I was happy the fabrication was in good order, but if I had known that ahead of time, I wouldn't have cut it up!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sachs by Zanconato...

So a fella came through the shop when I was building this frameset. At first, he thought I was repairing a Sachs because he saw the dropouts, lugs, crown and BB shell. I explained to him that the customer wanted the Sachs castings, dropouts, and all of the fixins'. He said I should get a sticker that said "Sachs by Zanconato". That's certainly not my style, but maybe Richard should just make a generic one that says "Sachs by fill-in-the-blank-here".

Anyway, thanks for the order, Justin!

On deck for paint are bikes for Donny, Scott, Nathan, Francis and Don. Pre-paint and post-paint pictures will be added as they come out of the paint booth. Soon to be completed framesets for Eric, Steve, Diane and Jim will be ready for paint by July 31. August production includes bikes for Mike, Mark, Ryan, Matt, Kerry, John and my lovely bride.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Purple People Eater

I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist. But this bike looks menacing. Like it will leave bodies strewn across the race course in its wake. Moveitfred's new cross bike is ready to go. Another very smart parts pick that will do the job reliably for many cross seasons to come.

This color is out of PPG's Radiance line and it really pops in the sun. PPG, House of Kolor and Dupont are really putting out some beautiful paint. With the explosion in the custom chopper and hot rod markets, these paint companies have really delivered some new ultra-vibrant paints. It is only going to get better as the pigment technology improves. Great choice, John!

This bike was a lot of fun to build because there were some interesting challenges due to the size. It is a 66 cm frame, but I wanted to be sure it still looked "right" when it was built up. I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you for your order, John!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New kit is in!

I don't think I have ever been so excited to see the FedEx guy. The Champion Systems gear came out fantastic. I really like the chamois in the bibs, the fabrics are really, really nice, and all of the construction seems very sturdy.

If you missed out on the original order, fear not. I will be doing a reorder in about 3 weeks. Just drop me an email at bikes at zanconato dot com.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My new favorite color

House of Kolor never ceases to amaze me. This frameset is is painted in Bittersweet II Pearl with a Cortez Blue Pearl head tube and seat tube panel. These pearls are just so vibrant, and they really come to life in the sun. Just awesome.

Mike put together a really nice kit for this bike. Mostly Centaur with the Chorus upgrade at the Ergopower. Sweet wheels courtesy of ergott. The white Fizik sadle and tape just look so PRO it makes me giggle.

Thank you for your order, Mike!