Monday, February 18, 2008

New blog feature

I have added a new feature to the side bar of my blog. I have added all current customer orders and I will be updating these with progress and timing. The updates will be labeled as:

Specification development - currently working with customer on final frameset and position specs
Specifications complete - specs complete and frameset is ready for fabrication
Tube set in process - tubes are being machined and prepped
Tube set complete - all tubes have been machined and are ready for tacking. Braze-ons have been added wherever possible. I typically do these in batches of 3 - 10.
Fork in process - fork is being fabricated
Fork complete - fork is fabricated, aligned and ready for paint. I typically do these in batches of 3-10.
Frame tacked - frame has been tacked and aligned
Frame fully brazed - frame has been fully brazed and aligned again
Brazing complete - all brazing is complete including all braze-ons
Frame machined - all threads have been tapped, head tube and seat tube have been machined and alignment has been checked one final time
Ready for paint - frameset is complete has been handed off to Toby at Hot Tubes for paint
Paint complete - back to me for final prep and photos
Ship date - xx/xx/xxxx - ship date added

As deliveries are confirmed, the frames will come off the list and everything moves up one. There will be dates on each step so that you can keep track of the last activity. Hopefully, this will help everyone keep track of progress. As always, please contact me with any questions.
Thank you!