Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smoked Out

Cycling forums come in many shapes and sizes, each with a different purpose, mission statement, and/or viewership. The Velocipede Salon has been in existence now for almost a couple of years. It's my go-to for intelligent cycling chat. Richard Sachs and Josh Simonds have created a new sub-forum called "Smoked Out", where "Framebuilders tell their stories in the first person and hold a conversation with Vsalonistas". The Smoked Out forum is getting quite a bit of online attention. Bicyling's Bill Strickland and The Washing Machine Post have each written a piece about new forum and both found it an enjoyable read.

I was lucky enough to be the builder to kick things off. The thread has been a lot of fun and the questions have ranged from tough to lighthearted. Check it out and I encourage you to participate!

Zanconato Custom Cycles gets Smoked Out

Have a great day!

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