Saturday, February 19, 2011

NAHBS show bike #3

This one was a blast. Combining some old school pipes with new-age shifting may raise some eyebrows, but I say why the heck not? Who says you can't cross generations?

I carved up this set of Max lugs to look a little different than the last set. The goal here was a slim profile and a little less glitz. I've also learned that the seat stay attachment is a little stronger and cleaner looking if I add a skirt to the back of the seat tube. That way, I get a nice full miter of the seat stays to the seat tube. I made a few other changes outlined in some previous blog posts. I've enjoyed refining my techniques with this set. It's too bad they are disappearing so quickly.

Integrating the full internal Di2 wiring kit cleaned up the look of the bike even further. Word to the wise. Test all of the Di2 stuff before installing everything. I had to a bad Junction B and had to pull everything apart. Chad and the guys at Shimano came through for me though. Lesson learned.

Keith pulled off a stunner of a paint job. All of the bands and lettering are painted on and there isn't a bump or ripple anywhere. It will glow under the show lights.

Thank you, Bryan! What a pleasure this whole process was. I can't wait to get your feedback on the ride.