Monday, August 13, 2007

Lots of good stuff going on at the shop. It's been full bore. These three are in process at paint, with six others close behind. I will have pictures of bikes for Nathan and Francis this week.

This one is headed to PDX. Jim's new cross bike has Slant Six lugs and Columbus Niobium tubing. I am building the fleet out there on the west coast. I know Jim will race it really hard.

Good luck this season, Jim, and thank you for your order!

Here is Scott's new Steelhead. Slant Six lugs, fastback seat stays, straight blade fork...very racey looking.

Thank you, Scott!

I always want to build at least one mountain bike a year. Well, here is the one for 2007.

Thanks, Donny!

Here is the updated schedule. Due to be complete in August are the three frames above and framesets for Nathan B, Francis B, Don F, Eric G, Steve P and Dianne E. In September, the order is Ryan R, John C, Matt M, Kerry C, Mike H, Kenny A, Mark A (RBR Charity Bike), and Jeff U.

Have a great week!

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Tom said...

Nice looking frames you got there!