Wednesday, May 02, 2007

One of my new decal options. Yellow with black outline. I love this blue. It is House of Kolor's So-Blue. The lighting in the pictures makes it look darker than it really is. And the pictures can not begin to show off the depth and luster.


Don said...

The New Belgium flag logo looks great on the frame. As always, your work is amazing.


francisb said...

Hi Mike,

Just curious; this frame has the adjusters on the back dropouts (I don't know their actual name), and the silver frame a few entries down doesn't have the adjusters.

What are the pro's and con's for each...


zank said...

I prefer vertical dropouts to horizontal. There is no chance to pull the wheel forward with verticals. And, the verticals are available in stainless steel, which means the faces can be polished so there is less where and tear on the paint.

The adjusters on the horizontal dropouts were originally there to make up for inaccuracies in fabrication. They could take up any differences in chain stay length. With today's cutting and brazing fixtures, we can match the chainstays more precisely. So that is a non-issue.

I don't really see any advantages going with horizontals unless you really want them for the look. My suggestion is going with stainless verticals.

wkline said...

Absolutely spectacular, I love the detail on this one and especially the fork crown. Hope to own one someday.