Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am sending two bikes off to paint this week. Bruce's bike is a very cool single speed cross bike. I took a set of Pacenti lugs and really slimmed them down. The BB shell is a Phil Wood Eccentric shell that has been fillet brazed. It allows the use of vertical dropouts (stainless in this case) because the eccentric sets the chain tension. No need for horizontal frame ends. So the frame has a unique combination of lug and fillet construction. The frame has a full compliment of braze-ons in case Bruce wants to run gears in the future. I think EBBs are incredibly versatile and should be considered for your next singlespeed/fixed project.

Rafael's bike is a go-fast road bike that he will use for training and power-meter purposes. Pure function delivered in a classy package. Richie-Issimo lugs, Pacenti shell, stainless dropouts...nice.

Here are pictures of the two forks. The top is Bruce's cross fork. The bottom is Rafael's road fork. More tomorrow. I need to massage the fillets on Bruce's bike a bit more. I hate lumpy fillets more than I hate lumpy mashed potatos. Yeah, it's 4 AM. And yeah, I really hate lumpy mashed potatos. Good night...or morning I guess. I'm going to bed.

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