Friday, September 08, 2006

"What is that thing on the jersey, shorts and hat?"

It's the New Belgium flag. What did you think it was?

Take the New England flag, trade blue for black, and add the Lion of Flanders.


Anonymous said...

I dig it! T shirts and decals please!


Anonymous said...

T's would be great. And thanks for the directions. Got through to the ferry in record time, no mishaps.

JJ said...

i like the added tree.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a couple of links that talk about the history of the New England flag.

Apparently the blue background flag isn’t the true Flag of New England.

Personally, the New Belgium flag design is very creative. It’s a great visual to show were your frames are made and to express your passion for Belgium’s cycling heroes. Not to mention that Belgium makes some of the best beers in the world. Belgium white beers like Wittekerke and Hoegaarden are so tasty!


Zoo said...

these are some unbelievable bikes, I may have to look into buying one, where can I get more info from?

Anonymous said...

Dave, you have come to the right place. Welcome home. Mike Z has another web site with info at I've been very pleased with my work-in-progress cross bike so far.

Jimbo said...

Hey Mike!
Great to see you at the race this past Sun- I had a blast!
I love the jerseys, shorts and hats- don't change a thing.
Sign me up! Talk to you soon about Gloucester.