Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I am working on some Zanconato gear. For the first set, I am looking at two options.

1. Zanconato riding kit (jerseys - $60, bibs - $65, shorts - $60)
2. Zanconato accessory kit (socks - $8, cycling caps - $9, water bottles - $4)

What would you like to see happen first? Option 1 or Option 2?


Anonymous said...

You know my feelings, but here's my "official" vote:

Accessory kit.

While I would love Zanc riding gear, I think you will get more "bang for the buck" with the accessory stuff at this point in time.


Anonymous said...

E-mail your customers and ask 'em. They are the ones most likely to buy the stuff, so ask 'em what they want.

Personally, I've got a ton of jerseys. I can always use caps, socks and bottles, so I'd vote #2.

But if you want to make a splash on the road, people notice jerseys a lot more than socks and bottles.

Matt P.

Anonymous said...

Jersey would be great, but I'm spending all my money on a new bike!

Anonymous said...

i'd like some classy simple H2O bottles. I'm sick of the lame bike shop or race bottles i always seem to have. Something simple (from Specialized of course).

Anonymous said...

My vote is for option #2.

Since my team requires me to wear the team kit during races and training rides, it's hard to wear anything else. Plus I can never have enough socks, caps, and water bottles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike;

I vote for option 2 - I'm not much for socks, but a cap and bottles would be cool!


Jimbo said...

Mike- Jimbo here.
I think option #2 would be better at this point, although I would love a Zank jersey. I always need hats and H2O bottles,socks are cool too.