Friday, July 07, 2006

Here is Deb's new 45 cm road bike. This bike was a blast to build. 650C wheels, Henry James lugs, Deda tubing and a hot metallic blue and silver paint job. The pictures don't do this color justice. It looks awesome in the sun. Thank you for your order, Deb!

On deck are Mike's road bike, Rob's cross bike, Terry's cross bike and Rafael's road bike.


Anonymous said...

Great looking bike. I would love to see it in person. What kind of lugs are those? Do you ever use Pacenti's?

zank said...

I used Henry James lugs on this bike. It has standard size tubing, i.e. 1" TT, 1.125" DT and 1.125" ST. Hank makes his lugs in multiple angles, which allowed for the 4 degree top tube slope on this frame.

I use Kirk's lugs pretty often. Here are a few examples. This bike was built with a custom sculpted set of his artisan lugs.

This MTB was built using his slant six lugs.