Saturday, June 17, 2006

A couple of new bikes.

First up is Ryan's new road bike. Henry James lugs, a rich creamy white with stenciled logos in metallic brown. Polished Henry James dropouts and a cool straight-blade fork round out the package.

Next up is Robert's road bike decked out with Richie-Issimo lugs, a deep green paint job with a lighter green head tube and fork crown.

Next bikes due in the paint booth are Andy's, Deb's, Mike's and Rob's.


Matt P. said...

Please let us know what tube sets these gorgeous bikes are made from...thanks.

zank said...

Deda Zero of course!

Mark M. said...

Holy Moly that creamy white with metallic burgundy scheme is goregeous!

And as for that taking the gears off comment, that's the next step.

Wanna build me a more compliant fork to replace that ultra stiff Karate Monkey fork? ;)