Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lots of cool stuff going on

So many fun little time.

I am putting together two fabrication pictorials. I have always wanted to put together a set of photos that show the entire build process for a frame and fork. I am psyched to do this with two different style bikes and two different fabrication techniques.

The first is MP's road bike. This will be a 50.2 cm lugged, road frameset built with castings from Richard Sachs. Richard's line of lugs, BB shells and fork crowns are the best in terms of function and style. Tube spec for MP's road racer is Deda Zero. High performance all the way. You can see the pictures of the raw materials and the fork build here...

After MP's frame and fork are complete, I will begin work on WS's frameset. This will be a 63.5 cm fillet-brazed, cyclocross frameset built with Columbus OOS (over-oversize) tubing provided by Pacenti Cycle Design. While the main frame joints will be fillet-brazed, I will be using a cast BB shell from PCD with 1 3/8" and 1 1/4" ports for the DT and ST, respectively. I think the cast BB shell yields the stiffest drivetrain possible, which will be important for this big, strong fella.

I am really excited about the pictorials. Please send some comments and/or questions!


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Dan said...

The link to yahoo pictures says that they have been moved to Flicker. Please, what is the Flicker URL?