Monday, February 13, 2006

Let's get this party started

So, we begin with MP's 50.2 cm road frameset. Below is a picture of the tubes and the castings that will be used. Top left, you can see the tubing that will be used. All Deda Zero, except for the fork blades and seat stays, which are Prestige. Bottom left are the dropouts. Verticals for this race bike, please. Center stage is the crown with the steerer brazed in. Bottom right are all of the lugs, the BB shell, seat stay bridge and other small braze-ons.

Here is the BB shell. This is a Richie-Issimo shell from Richard Sachs. Cast-in cable guides, super good can you go wrong?

Top tube and down tube lugs are pictured below. Also Richie-Issimo. Great styling, excellant design. Just perfect.

Here is the seat stay bridge and reinforcements. I am particularly proud of this piece, as I think the Z looks really sharp.

More soon...

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