Friday, February 24, 2006

After the dropouts are brazed in and the flux is soaked off, you are left with this. I have built up a little extra bronze on the top and bottom to sculpt.

Here you can see the dropout and blade after filing. I have removed a lot of material from the dropout itself, as well as smooth the transition blade to drop.

Here you can see the progression. I try to make the dropout as svelte-looking as possible.

Here, I am beginning to sculpt the top of the dropout. I remove as much material as possible and also work on the point. I also square off the top and bottom for a more finished look.


jeremyb said...

Hey Zank, cool anatomy of a built fork. You going to toss the finished piece of art onto a gram scale for me?


zank said...

Will do, Jeremy. I hope it doesn't disappoint the WW crowd!